Code Name Type Unit Standard Show More
HS26 Herbicide No More
HS30 First Aid Level 1 No More
HS31 First Aid Level 2 No More
HS32 First Aid Level 3 No More
HS33 Incident Accident Investigation Reporting No More
HS35 Lockout Systems No More
HS40 Non-US Dover No More
HS45 Stacking and Packing No More
HS46 Safety Management No More
HS48 Hazard Identification and Risk assessment training No More
HS49 Conducting a Baseline Risk Assessment 5 days No More
HS57 OHS Act and Regulations No More
HS60 Ergonomics Awareness No More
HS61 Evacuation Drill No More
HS65 Handling of Hazardous Substances No More
HS66 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment No More
HS68 Baseline Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment No More
HS69 First Aid Level 1 and 2 No More
HS70 Medical Examination No More
HS80 Basic Portable Extinguisher and Handling Course No More
HS81 Fundamentals of Fire Safety No More
HS90 Advanced Safety and Health Training No More
HS91 Hazardous Task Assessment No More
HS92 Written Safe Work Procedures No More
HS93 General Heath and Safety No More
HS94 Advanced Heath and Safety No More
HS96 Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) No More
HS97 Health and Safety Representative 2 days No More
HS98 Environmental Awareness No More
HS99 Operate High Pressure Washer No More
LT001 Load Testing No More
MQA/SP/0120/10 OHS Activities for Workplace Rep in Mining Yes More
MS001 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Yes More
SCS001 Site specific FEL training for Sasol SCS No More
ST107 Advanced Safe Lifting Practice Module 1 & Module 2 No More
ST112 4 Pillar Vehicle Lift No More
ST116 Certificate Re-print No More
ST117 Assessor Hire No More
ST120 Rebar Cutter/bender No More
ST121 Dumbo Trolly Lift No More
ST13 Safe lifting practices No More
ST13a Basic Rigging and Slinging No More
ST14 Advanced Safe Lifting Practices - Module 1 No More
ST15 Advanced Safe lifting practices - Module 2 No More
ST18 Breathing apparatus (B A Set) No More
ST22 Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) No More
ST25 Cone course No More
ST26 Arc Welding/Cutting Torch No More
ST27 Grinding Wheel Safety / Angle Grinders No More
ST28 Surface Drill Rig No More