Code Name Type Unit Standard Show More
ST29 Surface Drill Rig No More
ST30 Air Compressor No More
ST31 Concrete Mixer No More
ST32 Drilling Machine No More
ST33 Jackhammer No More
ST38 Construction Regulation No More
ST41 Pedestal / Vehicle Mounted Ladder Training No More
ST41a Lifting Equipment Inspection No More
ST42 Pedestal / Vehicle Mounted Ladder Assessment No More
ST44 Pedestal Mounted Ladder No More
ST61 Banksman No More
ST63 Flagman No More
ST90 Mechanical Sweeper No More
ST91 Hand and portable electric tool safety No More
ST92 Inspect access scaffolding No More
ST93 Erect, use and dismantle access scaffolding No More
ST96 Safe use of ladders No More
ST97 Gas Welding / Cutting Torch Safety No More
T&C By accepting this quote, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Transvaal Training No More
TCS001 Subject to T’s & C’s Availble at: No More
VH001 Venue Hire SALTS No More